For the L.O.V.E of Narratives! And Black Women! And Queerness! And Feminism!



The Life and rantings of a queer, black, feminist. The content on this blog may offend misogynists, racists, patriarchs, homophobes and shit humans in general, but as the beautiful and wise Lebo Mashile put it:

“I don’t walk into a situation wanting to disrespect anyone, so if people are offended, then they’re offended by the values contained within the content of what I am saying.AND IF YOU’RE OFFENDED BY MY VALUES WELL THEN FUCK IT! You’re supposed to be! I don’t want misogynists to like me, I don’t want people who hate black people to like me, I don’t want people who are fronting to like me. It’s taken me a long time, but I’m learning to embrace it, and to realize also, that a negative reaction can also be a positive measure of your impact”